Straight Out Of The Spa

 Shaving isn't something new, its something that almost everyone does or will do quite frequently throughout a lifetime. A great shave is a whole new experience all in it own. The Gentleman's Refinery is company Enigma.Co is incredibly pleased to have on our roster. Composed of 100% all natural, paraben, and alcohol free ingredients these products will give you an amazing shave and completely change your morning routine especially if you like using a badger brush. The Master Barber Perry Gastis, 4th generation barber, with his lifetime of expertise and help from chemists is pursuing the reintroduction of pure and natural products and revolutionize the men's grooming product industry. 

“I want the GR products to give men a choice to have healthy faces that feel smooth and look great. If they skip a day shaving with The GR products, they’ll miss the vitality that comes with an unbelievable experience.” - Perry Gastis

An unbelievable experience to add to your daily routine! The Gentleman's refinery isn't a commonly known to the consumer yet, why?! The GR is currently only sold and used in barbershops and spa's with their main spa in Las Vegas, Nevada. Although it can be found online, The GR doesn't have a retail outlet, and Enigma.Co will be one of the first brick and mortar stores to carry these amazing products.

A Long Distance Call

While personally I was expanding my knowledge of shaving and what the results of the proper shave can feel like, I was discouraged by big known companies who at the time didn't want to hear about ideas all my ideas let alone reply to an email. I stumbled upon The Gr and send a simple email inquiry. A few hours later, I found myself conversing with a delightful woman whom just wanted to hear more. Though originally she had informed me that they didn't sell to retail stores, the more we spoke about what I wanted to create with Enigma.Co. A couple hours later while I was well informed on the products and The GR, She was impressed with my idea, and presentation especially for my age which she was curious to know, I had a sample on the way and my first serious business relationship established.