Experiment With Nature

Sometimes you just have to keep you eye on the prize. This is one of those cases for sure. Since first sight on these sunglasses we knew they were a feature that had to have here at Enigma.Co. We were not only drawn to their beauty and craftsmanship. We were drawn to the way they connected not only fashion to a form of art. We were drawn to them also by the way they connected those two very important factors of our lives to nature.

Nature is an amazing thing, both beautiful and raw. Something you always want to see, touch and explore. Often times so perfect you don't want to disturb it, yet so amazing that you can't help but want to embrace it. If you're anything like me you find yourself teetering on the fence of whether or not you want to let it be or keep a little bit for yourself. 

Shwood was created based on the thought and drive to create an original and unique piece of handcrafted eyewear. Moving past such things as trends and fads, and sticking to their roots these glasses are made with the thought of creating a piece that keeps creativity alive. A timeless piece of art in witch the slightest manipulation of wood you get to enjoy the unique splendor that only nature can provide.