Bioluna Sphere - Blue


Bioluna Sphere - Blue

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 Looking for that perfect conversation piece that will leave everyone in awe! These Bioluna Sphere's are the perfect addition to any decor and are a perfect gift for those who love not only plants but also things you don't see very often. Though, at first this decor piece seems very simple and elegant. It is actually loaded full of thousands of bioluminescent algae, stationary decor piece by day.  During the night, cells produce blue light when shaken or disturbed. Each orb of algae contains tens of thousands of cells which bioluminescent in response to mechanical stimuli. What does that mean? These are interactive algae, once darkness falls (approximately 1 hr after nightfall) these will start to glow with any movement you make with the orb in a dark room. 



Maintaining and growing these bioluminescent algae is pretty simple and anyone can have much success if they follow this approach.




These would like to be on a cyclical cycle. They prefer to be placed in a bright indirect area that gets 8-12 hrs of sufficient indirect light (not direct sun or under any light that would generate a large amount of heat) We personally keep ours here on a 12 hr cycle, providing optimal growth conditions.




The algae grows best and does better in cooler temperatures however will grow and reproduce happily in temperatures between 66-77 degrees Fahrenheit.


Growth and Reproduction:


The Algae reproduces asexually and will constantly reproduce until its resources are used up. An actively growing algae culture will live exponentially with the addition of new growth media, growth media can be added into the orb until the orb is approximately half full or until the media reaches the widest surface area of the orb. Once the orb has reached its max capacity a small portion of the algae should be removed to replace with new growth media. This should take place every 7-10 days. If left unfed. The algae should be able to live unfed and is left undisturbed in its growth media for 2-3 months until all the nutrients are depleted.


The Gift that keeps on Giving:


The best part of these guys is the fact that they just keep going. Once you start removing the algae samples you can do one of two things. Dilute the removed sample with fresh water, which would kill the algae and then can be disposed down the drain (which we don't like the sounds of!) Otherwise you can take the removed sample and start a new culture for yourself or friend.


Small - 4in Dia. Handblown Glass Sphere with Rubber Stopper and Base

Large - 6in Dia. Handblown Glass Sphere with Rubber Stopper and Base

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