Grow your style!

Grow your style!

Many trendsetting plants are pricey and hard to maintain. After fifteen years of horticultural experience, I love a plant that makes a stylish impact without much fuss.

Liriope—commonly called Lillyturf or Monkey Grass—is one of my favorite discoveries from my days in the dirt. You’ll be amazed at how this grass adds organic texture to your living space.

Native to East Asia, Liriope isn’t really a grass at all, but rather a member of the Lilly family. It’s often planted around borders and areas where erosion is an issue. But here’s a little secret: it’ll thrive inside!

Grown in a pot, this plant can tolerate both full sun and shade, and will do well for those who water too much and those who forget to water at all. In late summer, it will even flower with little purple bells.

Liriope is also a fast spreader, letting you create a beautiful mound of green, grassy texture right inside your home.

From the Girls

A big focus of our brand here at Enigma. Co deals with clothing and products that blend lines of gender based perception. In light of that we've decided to bring a feminine perspective into our men's fashion fray. From the Girls will run once weekly, sometimes twice, like all of our other copy and might focus on a variety of things. Products as always, but also an attitude. This means you, gents, don't fret about poking your head in here for a dating tip or two. 

There’s just something about, that makes lounging around so much better. I know I’m not alone in saying that some of my favorite items of clothing are the shirts, hoodies and sweatpants of guys. When I roll out of bed on Sunday morning cold and slightly hungover, the first item of clothing I grab to spend the day indulging in laziness? A leftover item of boy’s clothing. From a long sleeved waffle knit or a cozy, just big enough sweatshirt, comfort never fails.

EPTM, a men's line tailor made for all things Netflix and chill is perfect for such activities. The looks are cool, casual and dangerously comfortable. The collections essential tees with a lower hem in both the front and the back are perfect for  ladies in your life who want something to remember you by. So be careful boys, your closet might be a little thinner after she leaves. Just make sure you get it back.

Guys, swing by the store and grab one.