Interior Plantscaping

Interior plantscaping exists, and it's often something that most people over look. But once it's there it's impossible to miss. Haven't you ever wondered how things always look so nice when your in an office or a nice loft and see this beautiful green and know that in normal life, under your supervision and care that would be dead as a door nail in no time?! 

Different Like You

With over 15 years of horticulture experience our designers want to provide you with the best they have to offer to fit both your needs and specifications. However, after countless years of the typical day to day you often see when it comes to interior plants, we found ourselves bored. Don't get me wrong we can pot up simple common houseplants and make them look esthetically pleasing for any space, but thats not all we are about. We want to help create that statement piece you've been looking for, and we will keep it looking great too!

Plantscape services

Our goal is to provide you with a constant stream of jaw dropping life that will have everyone noticing. Not only does it look great, but it also provides great atmosphere and environmental boosters in not only the home but also the workspace. I can give you all the "Green" spiel, which we are totally for, but most importantly atmosphere is everything, and we want to keep yours top notch!


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