"Refining The Everyday" 

Create, Curate, Design A lifestyle: Providing the capital district with ATTAINABLE Luxury.


When you ask yourself what is The Enigma.Co, think first what is an Enigma. By definition, an enigma is someone or something that is difficult, puzzling, and/or hard to explain. There was no better word to describe our business, who we are, and what we want it to be. We ourselves are an Enigma.

Enigma.Co moves in a forward thinking direction when it comes to not only the perception of both style and sophistication, but through the things we wear and how we live. Our concept that allows us to work more one on one with our clientele, allowing us to refine everything from clothing to home and lifestyle products. 

Our concept originally started with the focus on Men, we fond that we were getting such vast feedback from all elements of our concept and our brand that we've gotten to this place where our ultimate goal is to serve people and provide them with the  tools needed to refine everyday life. What does that mean, we want to help you shop, for both him and her, the home, the office, and even an event! We want to help you find the right products that fit your lifestyle. Fashion and Lifestyle go hand and hand and we want you too have the best of both worlds!