Striving to be the perfect example.

Streetwear has long been a staple of indie culture. From skater kids to hip hop collectives to classic teenaged rebellion, fresh, unique and hard to find gear has always been ingrained in the mindset.

Several lines, Los Angeles based EPTM among them, have put this idea into fashion forward design. The result is a simple but eclectic collection with a decidedly urban feel. We’re excited to have this brand coming into the store this fall and the chief look for the upcoming season, we think, is a not so little thing called oversize tailored. EPTM has a ripe selection in this field with acid wash tees, tanks, cargo joggers and quilt pattern pouches. Just to name a few. We won’t call it an Enigma, but you get the idea.

The company tagline says ‘striving to be the perfect example’ and we don’t think that’s too far off. Oversize tailored looks to be a key cog in this generations youthful shakeup of societal stereotypes. The idea is a kind of ‘lived in’ feature with simplistic design features given extreme attention to detail. It’s a transition to activewear that wants to belong in many places without being bound to a single idea. As gender roles shift the idea of oversize tailored becomes more of a feeling within the choice of colors and textures that are crucial to the mindset of the wearer.

dded Bonus, most of their textiles are all made right here in USA.