Beard Season

With the first day of autumn behind us all things pumpkin, pants, and rugged are short on the horizon. In theme, we've compiled a list of classic facial hair styles and some sweet products to upkeep your look with the seasonal change. You can't please everyone, but you might as well try.

Clean, classic mustache. 

A bit of a pervasive force, isn't it, the mustache. Much ado with treatment in this realm. The look itself seems to have a bit of a 'make or break' mentality in social perception. Billionaire owner and investor Mark Cuban has said the best deals are sometimes the ones you don't make. I don't think he was talking about mustaches, but there sure aren't many pictures of him sporting one on Google.

Power moving goatee. 

The goatee, a long toothed uncle of the 'stache? Maybe. All around friendlier to the face, it gives shirts a fighting chance from vertical coffee slips and contours cheeks on its own when properly sculpted.  

Face not included. But, ya know...might as well try.

Six to seven o'clock shadow as perfected by the gentlemen above and a certain footballing UGG model. The trickiest of the bunch on several fronts. Testosterone for one, means necessity of constant upkeep (trimming) and generous care in texture.  Professionally tricky as well, we can't all be movie stars, and thus the committed needs have their morning shave down pat to avoid broken office protocol and bloody messes alike. 

Self explanatory. 

It's been said that...

"The only reason to shave your beard is for the joy of growing it back again."


Stay tuned for all things fall and be sure to check out our newest section, From the Girls.