Quilt - Ivory by EPTM

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Quilt - Ivory by EPTM


Not the first time we’ve showcased this brand, won’t be the last. Unique patterns and obscure fabrics will turn the right kind of heads all over the place. We think they’re kind of a...well...do we have to say it?

This shirt’s unique feel derives from its five percent spandex (rest is polyester) for breathability. It’s a multi season piece as well, cool in the summer, warm in the fall, etc, etc. A defined shoulder and hemmed sleeve let the shirt sit properly on your frame while, conversely, the rounded bottoms front/back have a fashion forward feel indigenous to the oversize tailored philosophy.

The quilt pattern itself is almost regal and combined with the other simplistic elements makes for a stunning wear on the right man. That’s you, by the way. Like a good bassline or the right whiskey, we just can’t get enough of this brand.