Stylin’ for the fourth

Trends don’t apply to the fourth of July. On the weekend of Ameri-cans, burgers, dogs, and freedom for the masses tradition is the name of the game. It’s an easy thing to get excited for, dressing yourself accordingly should be much in the same. Here are some ideas.


It seems like an afterthought at this point in the summer but one can never underestimate the practicality of a slick pair of sunglasses. We’re carrying Shwood for their unique design and quality feel, but many a brand will do. A polarized lense is literally made for intense sunlight, so heed that. Color wise its best to go classic charcoal or brown. Consider these to be a bookend because the rest of your outfit, in the spirit of patriotism, is bound to be exuberant. Show everyone you came to have fun but still mean business during the grill marathon.


Light flannel/hoodie

The fourth falls on a Saturday this year, making all day wear a must. We carry several long sleeves that work wonderfully with shorts below and match the red/white/blue vibes sought after. No harm in taking three colors in one pastel and rolling the sleeves up a little. If you decide to go on the thicker side and rock a thin sweatshirt we recommend a solid color, preferably blue or grey (acceptable sub for white). While you might not require it during the heart of the BBQ it’ll be welcome once the sun goes down. Also makes a great makeshift wrap for a nightcap on the beach.


Among our in store selection is a wealth of full bodied shorts comfortable both day and night. If you’ve got color on top, something to balance in a grey or tan makes sense. If you’re bold, maybe some nantucket reds? No shortage of those this time of year. A thick to thin fabric is preferable to balance the day heat and night temperature drop.  Joggers fall on the same lines. Stay away from cotton and intricate design. Find something resembling a khaki in color and fabric that, again, will be comfortable both day and night. A scrunchy cuff does well and lets the calf region-pant end give way to some colorful socks. A surefire conversation starter.

To review, make sure to bookend your wear, unorganized craziness is fun for no one. Let your chest and torso do the talking, really shine on top and down low. Options available in store. A holiday edition of Easy Pouring comes your way Friday afternoon.