Flannel's Forever

It’s hot out, man. Don’t let the sweat peel off your style. As always, Enigma. Co is here to help you. Let’s talk about comfortably keeping your stylish edge.


Temperatures are hitting the 90’s regularly as we toe the line between spring and summer and, I know what you’re thinking, Bud Light BBQ’s aren’t highlighted for fashion. You know what? You’re right, but...whatever. Break the mold and feel good doing it.


A lightweight flannel like this new piece from Jachs (seen above) is the perfect complement to the first overly hot temperatures of the year. Full front button lines give breathability and room for a little bit of a tan. Want to show off that sleek new watch? Roll ‘em up, it’s a long summer, get used to SPF application and look smart doing it. We’re sleeve friendly in the sun, but not quite crazy...


Leisure days this time of year are generally pant-free territory. This is a big factor in the ditching of diverse options for graphic tee, tank top overloads. While these options are generally fine, it doesn’t have to be the case. The right pair of shorts has a lot to say about what we’re wearing on top.


Something light and cut just above the knee, like our cotton-linen combo (seen above), also by Jachs. The top-bottom sleeve-short contrast is usually forgotten past a casual gathering. We think that’s ridiculous, because the right pair of shorts look great and show confidence. Tuck the shirt in to class it up with a new belt or let it fly with a tail waving behind you. Before dinner on the beach or somewhere with AC, solid hued shorts are an affordable option for the stylish gentleman.


Our shoe recommendations include something in the Sperry family, laces or not, brown-ish flip flops, or your standard leather lace docksider. Please no socks above the ankle. Remember, always, to redefine.