You're Not Old Yet!


Here at Enigma. Co we are dippers in many ponds and wearers of many hats. When it comes to our spirited fancies, however, we’re whiskey guys through and through. One of our favorite lifestyle products comes from Brooklyn’s own W & P design, specializing in unique takes on barware, their barrel aged spirits kit has become a staple of our home bar. Be young, don’t drink like it. 

The three piece barrel aged kit, seen in full here is perfect for the hospitable home bartender. W & P takes pride in conceptualizing, producing, and selling creative products on scales both small and large. These committed foodies are focused not only on quality but also practicality.

The kit is designed to grant knowledge and accessibility into what you’re drinking. Whiskey and other fine spirits can be, simply, an enterprising start from a flavor perspective. The charred-oak barrel staves (both honeycombed) allow the home bartender to age their favorite spirit at a rapid pace. This opportunity allows for multiple taste tests and gives the inexperienced whiskey drinker a taste in understanding of peat.

The theme of this months Troy Night Out, no coincidence, is sustainability. While one grain source goes into single malt Scotch the majority of American whiskeys are mixed of rye, corn, wheat, or barley. Many single malts are produced by pot stills, pigs for energy, really. Many major distillers employ more complicated and energy efficient column style stills. The point, is that the production of this process uses a boatload of water, something that grows increasingly shorter in supply. As you take your fancies, you should do it responsibly, in the name of going green: use less water, age your own whiskey!