Face Up

Hump day is upon us. Don’t look like it. A few quick product tips from Enigma.Co to keep your spring shave glowing.


Ursa Major, latin for “Great Bear” is comprised of the “Big Dipper”, “The Wagon”, and “The Plough”. This ever famous constellation has served as inspiration to many a man off on the humble beginnings of a great quest. In line with our ‘core essential’ philosophy we feel that Ursa Major of Vermont, specializing in ‘super natural’ skin care, is the best option for someone on the cutting edge of consumption and bravado. Your own apothecary will be happier for the inclusion. 

Fantastic Face Wash

Ursa’s main goal is to give you a feeling of confidence at the start of everyday, living up to its name, this pleasantly scented wash delivers fantastic results. A concentrated foaming gel cleanser is designed to clear pores and strip grime while preserving the natural pH balance of your skin. Get clean and keep the shine. All of this is good news for the essential image of your own core essentials.


 4-in-1 Essential Face Tonic

A potent do-it-all liquid cleans grime, dispatches dead skin and clears pores all while battling razor burn, bumps, and blemishes. Useable as an aftershave balm or daily maintenance kit, a 53% organic formula will deliver clean, hydrated skin ready to speak for itself.

Check back later in the week for shave specific products and beard care for you rugged gents taking your stubble into beach season.