Beard Season

With the first day of autumn behind us all things pumpkin, pants, and rugged are short on the horizon. In theme, we've compiled a list of classic facial hair styles and some sweet products to upkeep your look with the seasonal change. You can't please everyone, but you might as well try.

Clean, classic mustache. 

A bit of a pervasive force, isn't it, the mustache. Much ado with treatment in this realm. The look itself seems to have a bit of a 'make or break' mentality in social perception. Billionaire owner and investor Mark Cuban has said the best deals are sometimes the ones you don't make. I don't think he was talking about mustaches, but there sure aren't many pictures of him sporting one on Google.

Power moving goatee. 

The goatee, a long toothed uncle of the 'stache? Maybe. All around friendlier to the face, it gives shirts a fighting chance from vertical coffee slips and contours cheeks on its own when properly sculpted.  

Face not included. But, ya know...might as well try.

Six to seven o'clock shadow as perfected by the gentlemen above and a certain footballing UGG model. The trickiest of the bunch on several fronts. Testosterone for one, means necessity of constant upkeep (trimming) and generous care in texture.  Professionally tricky as well, we can't all be movie stars, and thus the committed needs have their morning shave down pat to avoid broken office protocol and bloody messes alike. 

Self explanatory. 

It's been said that...

"The only reason to shave your beard is for the joy of growing it back again."


Stay tuned for all things fall and be sure to check out our newest section, From the Girls. 

EPTM // Long Sleeve Thermal


The 100% cotton has a light feel and might be worn solo on a warmer day before winter calls for layering of sweatshirts and coats. To that point, the rounded bottom hem allows for ultimate cold weather versatility by eliminating off-colors poking through your belt line. 

Our favorite feature is the thumb loop, think ski thermals and coats. Just what it sounds like, the sleeve cuff features a small space for the thumb for fancies on colder days or while getting cozy between the sheets. No one likes a sleeve ruffle. 

This thermal is available in both black and green and might be worn in many different capacities. It's only a tip of the ice berg that our new age fall collection hopes to highlight. 

Quilt - Ivory by EPTM

Enigma. Co Choice



Quilt - Ivory by EPTM


Not the first time we’ve showcased this brand, won’t be the last. Unique patterns and obscure fabrics will turn the right kind of heads all over the place. We think they’re kind of we have to say it?

This shirt’s unique feel derives from its five percent spandex (rest is polyester) for breathability. It’s a multi season piece as well, cool in the summer, warm in the fall, etc, etc. A defined shoulder and hemmed sleeve let the shirt sit properly on your frame while, conversely, the rounded bottoms front/back have a fashion forward feel indigenous to the oversize tailored philosophy.

The quilt pattern itself is almost regal and combined with the other simplistic elements makes for a stunning wear on the right man. That’s you, by the way. Like a good bassline or the right whiskey, we just can’t get enough of this brand.

Enigma. Co Home

Enigma. Co Choice

The Noble Series Soy Candles by Manready Mercantile are a year round good. The brands flagship product is handmade with soy wax and essential oil. There’s plenty to love about these bright lights. Weighing in at 7oz they have a 40 hour burn time, thats a clean burn (soy wax), a cotton wick, and it’s neat! When the candles burnt out the container doubles as a reusable whiskey glass (seriously). Once cleaned properly, of course.

We carry all four scents in store and in our Home & Lifestyle section.

Fall Preview // EPTM

Enigma.Co Choice

Fall Preview // EPTM

Streetwear has long been a staple of indie culture. From skater kids to hip hop collectives to classic teenaged rebellion, fresh, unique and hard to find gear has always been ingrained in the mindset.

Several lines, Los Angeles based EPTM among them, have put this idea into fashion forward design. The result is a simple but eclectic collection with a decidedly urban feel. We’re excited to have this brand coming into the store this fall and the chief look for the upcoming season, we think, is a not so little thing called oversize tailored. EPTM has a ripe selection in this field with acid wash tees, tanks, cargo joggers and quilt pattern pouches. Just to name a few. We won’t call it an Enigma, but you get the idea.

The company tagline says ‘striving to be the perfect example’ and we don’t think that’s too far off. Oversize tailored looks to be a key cog in this generations youthful shakeup of societal stereotypes. The idea is a kind of ‘lived in’ feature with simplistic design features given extreme attention to detail. It’s a transition to activewear that wants to belong in many places without being bound to a single idea. As gender roles shift the idea of oversize tailored becomes more of a feeling within the choice of colors and textures that are crucial to the mindset of the wearer.

Moon Drip ARKA

Enigma. Co Picks

Moon Drip ARKA

One of two designs we carry from ARKA. The moon drip is a versatile tri blend of polyester, cotton and rayon. The water based screen print gives the design an authentic look and feel without wearing down the fabric. As ARKA says, “nature is the best artist we’ve ever seen”, we’re like to agree. See others from them here or in store.

The Bowie Fit

Enigma.Co Picks

The Bowie Fit


JACHS NY shows a wonderful khaki chino piece here. The light, multipurpose pant stretches for wearability in comfort and beyond. A unique satin finish shines to the eye and is cloud soft on the touch. While incorporating a 98/2 cotton/spandex ratio with a classic straight fit leg, the pant can stand alone in leisure or hang around with sportcoats and bowties.

A chambre finish on the cuffs gives an added edge to an already sophisticated pant. We’d recommend going with sockless loafers and rolling them up ever so slightly for that extra pop. They’ll look just as good for a casual night out with sneakers and socks, but when you look this sharp, why waste it?

Stylin’ for the fourth

Trends don’t apply to the fourth of July. On the weekend of Ameri-cans, burgers, dogs, and freedom for the masses tradition is the name of the game. It’s an easy thing to get excited for, dressing yourself accordingly should be much in the same. Here are some ideas.


It seems like an afterthought at this point in the summer but one can never underestimate the practicality of a slick pair of sunglasses. We’re carrying Shwood for their unique design and quality feel, but many a brand will do. A polarized lense is literally made for intense sunlight, so heed that. Color wise its best to go classic charcoal or brown. Consider these to be a bookend because the rest of your outfit, in the spirit of patriotism, is bound to be exuberant. Show everyone you came to have fun but still mean business during the grill marathon.


Light flannel/hoodie

The fourth falls on a Saturday this year, making all day wear a must. We carry several long sleeves that work wonderfully with shorts below and match the red/white/blue vibes sought after. No harm in taking three colors in one pastel and rolling the sleeves up a little. If you decide to go on the thicker side and rock a thin sweatshirt we recommend a solid color, preferably blue or grey (acceptable sub for white). While you might not require it during the heart of the BBQ it’ll be welcome once the sun goes down. Also makes a great makeshift wrap for a nightcap on the beach.


Among our in store selection is a wealth of full bodied shorts comfortable both day and night. If you’ve got color on top, something to balance in a grey or tan makes sense. If you’re bold, maybe some nantucket reds? No shortage of those this time of year. A thick to thin fabric is preferable to balance the day heat and night temperature drop.  Joggers fall on the same lines. Stay away from cotton and intricate design. Find something resembling a khaki in color and fabric that, again, will be comfortable both day and night. A scrunchy cuff does well and lets the calf region-pant end give way to some colorful socks. A surefire conversation starter.

To review, make sure to bookend your wear, unorganized craziness is fun for no one. Let your chest and torso do the talking, really shine on top and down low. Options available in store. A holiday edition of Easy Pouring comes your way Friday afternoon.

Dad’s Day


Gifting the modern patriarch


Brunch, booze, and golf have been (rightfully so) the staple of this hallmark holiday for years. Nothing against tradition, we’re all for catching rays on the back nine, but there are other options out there. He taught you how to do it, here’s to gifting a little lifestyle this year.


Bourbon & Leather

We carry this brand for good reason. If we’re guessing correctly, your fathers been using the same facial products since he was 18. Give him something new. Rosemary extract, argan oil, and Vitamin E nourish and hydrate skin with a citrusy feel. Scented with bay rum and bourbon, this unique take on skin care will take him back to freshman bar crawl.

Grey Chambre Red Polkadot

He’s got his favorite suit, but he probably needs one of these. Hand washable, handmade cotton linen pocket squares by Haberdashery are, well...dashing. It’s a sophisticated touch for a single breasted suit of just about any color.


Mott & Bow

These literally are not your dad’s jeans. Mott & Bow is, by their own admission, courageously simple. A rigorous production process has given life to what we feel is simply the best jean on the market. Your father has probably told you that quality is paid for, but chances are he hasn’t taken his own advice in the denim market. Here’s why he should.




He’s not one for material things, you say? Well by all means, treat the man! We’re offering two massage specials with an Enigma. Co gift card, courtesy of Troy’s own Underground Athletics. Nothing like loosening up those shoulders for the meat of golf season. Check out the deal here.

Domeni Company

For him and her. Dominick Cullari with foam cutouts and 3D printing sought to break the mold of luxury. What he found were Domeni Co watches. From a Kickstarter to retail madness his brand has quickly evolved into a refreshing take on wristwear.

In a landscape constantly seeking new ways to redefine the look of luxury, Domeni Co has done a lot with a little. The contemporary design is pristine in its minimalism while allowing both band and face designs to pop. Cullari credits the company name as an homage to his grandfather. The idea behind everything, he says, is to appeal a single style to people from all walks of life.

All models are stainless steel with a one year warranty. Grab yours in store or online. 

Spotlight: Vitaly

With Friends in Mind.

Vitaly’s mindset is a simple one: affordably classy. We’ve featured their acid wash tee before. Today we’re looking at the details.


Deriving its name from the Catalan word for protect, this rounded stainless steel design is made for looks. It won’t stave off a physical threat, but you’ll smart for putting it on.


 A versatile unisex bracelet comfortably fitting together steel with vinyl rope. Comes in two sizes but is easily adjustable. Arma is Spanish for Weapon and sliding this on your wrist immediately ups the ante of your arsenal.



Sua is Basque for fire. Basque is the the national language of a small country (same name) located at the Western end of the Pyrenees and straddles parts of North-Central Spain. One of the world’s oldest and unique languages it’s spoken today by fewer than 20% of the country's residents. 

Flannel's Forever

It’s hot out, man. Don’t let the sweat peel off your style. As always, Enigma. Co is here to help you. Let’s talk about comfortably keeping your stylish edge.


Temperatures are hitting the 90’s regularly as we toe the line between spring and summer and, I know what you’re thinking, Bud Light BBQ’s aren’t highlighted for fashion. You know what? You’re right, but...whatever. Break the mold and feel good doing it.


A lightweight flannel like this new piece from Jachs (seen above) is the perfect complement to the first overly hot temperatures of the year. Full front button lines give breathability and room for a little bit of a tan. Want to show off that sleek new watch? Roll ‘em up, it’s a long summer, get used to SPF application and look smart doing it. We’re sleeve friendly in the sun, but not quite crazy...


Leisure days this time of year are generally pant-free territory. This is a big factor in the ditching of diverse options for graphic tee, tank top overloads. While these options are generally fine, it doesn’t have to be the case. The right pair of shorts has a lot to say about what we’re wearing on top.


Something light and cut just above the knee, like our cotton-linen combo (seen above), also by Jachs. The top-bottom sleeve-short contrast is usually forgotten past a casual gathering. We think that’s ridiculous, because the right pair of shorts look great and show confidence. Tuck the shirt in to class it up with a new belt or let it fly with a tail waving behind you. Before dinner on the beach or somewhere with AC, solid hued shorts are an affordable option for the stylish gentleman.


Our shoe recommendations include something in the Sperry family, laces or not, brown-ish flip flops, or your standard leather lace docksider. Please no socks above the ankle. Remember, always, to redefine.

Howe 'bout a round

Howe’s tagline “Creative workforce from the studio to the sand” embodies a versatile practicality often present on the west coast. The California based brand brings a unique take on outerwear with their lightweight reversible Round 2 jacket. The piece isn’t quite suited for 90 degree days but offers versatility in breezy spring after the sun goes down. 

Differentiating color patterns stray from vibrancy and allow wearability with a range of solid colored jeans, chinos, and the like. We’d recommend a high grade sneaker, something a little lighter and two toned to bookend the piece with appropriate flare. Worn just as well buttoned or open, the insides double as outsides, with need to worry about head turning design going unnoticed.


Trimming Down

Enigma. Co is happy to welcome a new brand in store this spring: Artistry In Motion. These threads are designed for the urban warrior, we’re seeing more and more of those around Troy these days, aren’t we? We’re excited to show off fashion forward pieces that are classy, relaxed and custom in design. Affordable exclusivity. This plaid button down is trimmed with navy chambre on the sleeves and is sure buttress your wardrobe. Also available in oxblood. 

Be Noticeable

Spring, among many things, means new beginnings. Always helping redefine your look, Enigma. Co is here with two options showing your edge and humility to the masses. Comfort, as always, is a must.




Shown here in black, the Fishtail Tee by Vitaly is one hundred percent soft-medium weight cotton. A modern piece boasts intricate sewing on the collar and bottom. Its forward thinking profile swoops, curves and offers different presentation on shorter or longer fits. No matter the length decision, an elongated back and robust coloration is sure to turn heads. We’d recommend pairing with a drop crotch pant of a solid color.




Another classic from a longtime favorite brand, the Navy Spot Tile by Ben Sherman succinctly fuses, yet again, class and comfort. The soho fit keeps things close to the chest, literally, and supports wear with jeans or something for dress. A separate fabric inner collar adds a semi-hidden twist to your look, inviting that new friend of yours to move a little closer while the rounded single cuff makes wrist candy instantly viewable. A magnificent feel with the style of a prince, all thats left to do is practice: “Thank you, I like it as well.”

You're Not Old Yet!


Here at Enigma. Co we are dippers in many ponds and wearers of many hats. When it comes to our spirited fancies, however, we’re whiskey guys through and through. One of our favorite lifestyle products comes from Brooklyn’s own W & P design, specializing in unique takes on barware, their barrel aged spirits kit has become a staple of our home bar. Be young, don’t drink like it. 

The three piece barrel aged kit, seen in full here is perfect for the hospitable home bartender. W & P takes pride in conceptualizing, producing, and selling creative products on scales both small and large. These committed foodies are focused not only on quality but also practicality.

The kit is designed to grant knowledge and accessibility into what you’re drinking. Whiskey and other fine spirits can be, simply, an enterprising start from a flavor perspective. The charred-oak barrel staves (both honeycombed) allow the home bartender to age their favorite spirit at a rapid pace. This opportunity allows for multiple taste tests and gives the inexperienced whiskey drinker a taste in understanding of peat.

The theme of this months Troy Night Out, no coincidence, is sustainability. While one grain source goes into single malt Scotch the majority of American whiskeys are mixed of rye, corn, wheat, or barley. Many single malts are produced by pot stills, pigs for energy, really. Many major distillers employ more complicated and energy efficient column style stills. The point, is that the production of this process uses a boatload of water, something that grows increasingly shorter in supply. As you take your fancies, you should do it responsibly, in the name of going green: use less water, age your own whiskey!

Face Up

Hump day is upon us. Don’t look like it. A few quick product tips from Enigma.Co to keep your spring shave glowing.


Ursa Major, latin for “Great Bear” is comprised of the “Big Dipper”, “The Wagon”, and “The Plough”. This ever famous constellation has served as inspiration to many a man off on the humble beginnings of a great quest. In line with our ‘core essential’ philosophy we feel that Ursa Major of Vermont, specializing in ‘super natural’ skin care, is the best option for someone on the cutting edge of consumption and bravado. Your own apothecary will be happier for the inclusion. 

Fantastic Face Wash

Ursa’s main goal is to give you a feeling of confidence at the start of everyday, living up to its name, this pleasantly scented wash delivers fantastic results. A concentrated foaming gel cleanser is designed to clear pores and strip grime while preserving the natural pH balance of your skin. Get clean and keep the shine. All of this is good news for the essential image of your own core essentials.


 4-in-1 Essential Face Tonic

A potent do-it-all liquid cleans grime, dispatches dead skin and clears pores all while battling razor burn, bumps, and blemishes. Useable as an aftershave balm or daily maintenance kit, a 53% organic formula will deliver clean, hydrated skin ready to speak for itself.

Check back later in the week for shave specific products and beard care for you rugged gents taking your stubble into beach season.

Spring Forward


Spring Forward

Look outside, sunshine, yes, sunshine. It’s back! Spring is back by popular demand. As the weather warms and layers shed don’t let yourself fall prey to static outerwear options. Here’s a look at some opportunities for your fashion to breathe new life into the air alongside the flowers.


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