About the Artist

Alex grew up in a small village in upstate New York, isolated from the large crowds and social atmosphere of the urban setting. Discovering very early on an ability to read emotions & body language, he turned it toward an artistic endeavor. Graduating from Sage College of Albany with a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art in 2010, he began to look at the chilly social norms that isolate people from being connected with each other. Using painting and drawing as his medium, Alex accentuated these personality traits in people.

Artist Statement

The biggest realization for anyone is that everything and everyone has some sort of effect on our human condition. For me, a natural disaster in recent years affected everything around me and how I perceive the world. What began as a fake and vapid version of my ideas evolved into a down to earth realization of myself and the world around me. What I/we choose to ignore is completely based on our own social norms. I wish to expose what we ignore, whether it be a society out of control with their own self interest or the personal pain that we can all relate to. The pictures I create are the visual expression of what one can not portray any other way.

I want you to see what I feel. I want you to see what you feel.