House Plants 101 | Intro & Tips


House Plants 101 | Intro & Tips


Live greenery adds beauty and can enhance the mood in any space. Unfortunately, many people are afraid of houseplants due to  "black thumb", or lack of time. What many people don't know is that there are many plant options out there to match both your home and lifestyle!

With a formal education in Horticulture, Let us teach you all our tricks and give you all the best pointers we can for ensuring your best chance at nurturing your very own green thumb! We can point you in the direction for better suitable plants for lighting and environmental conditions while introducing you to plants of all different shapes, colors, and sizes!

Class will include:

- Lighting & Location - Watering & Fertilizing - Potting Soil Pro's/Cons - Warning Signs and Potential Problems - Pests, Bugs and Disease - Routine Maintenance, Cleaning and Pruning - Customer Q & A

Workshop price includes:

- Choice of houseplant suitable for attendee - Decorative Planter - Starter Fertilizer - All Natural Leaf Cleaner - Optional top dressing (gravel, sand or moss)

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