Designer Brands Albany, NY 

What makes Us 

This isn't just our brand stock listing; these are the connections we've made and the stories we've shared, which together make up all that is Enigma.Co. Though not one of these companies defines us, all together they work to create something much bigger, a place for man to go and expand upon himself through the tools we ourselves have grown to love. 

Covering Your Assets

The first suit you'll ever own is your birthday suit, and we want to make sure that at all times looks and feels its best. We cherish our skin, and want to put only the best products we possibly can on it carrying several lines of all natural products specifically made for men. 

Sexy From The Core

Socks and Underwear are just the beginning of the core essentials that often get overlooked. Used daily by almost everyone, and are the closest layer to the skin. For something that's so commonly used and so close to the core, shouldn't it be the softest and most comfortable thing you wear? Women have bras, and sexy lingerie that makes them feel great from the moment they are put on, shouldn't men be entitled to equal satisfaction? We think so! 

Out With The Old, On With The New

Patterns, prints, or paisleys? Overwhelmed? We understand the daily grind can take a toll on your appearance. This requires practical and sometimes creative solutions to take you from work, to dinner with the mother in law, finally finishing with your favorite nightcap all while still looking cool, calm, and collected. Through our searching we've come up with brands that will transition you through these ever-changing struggles with full confidence that each step made is one done in style.

Finishing Touches

The finishing touches not only add to the outfit, but they make the man. We look at accessories a little bit more open-minded including everything that adds just a little extra to the outfit and the man. Our lineup off finesse covers everything from the belt or suspender, to a hand crafted leather shoe.  


It's the simple things in life that make us happy, those little something's that get overlooked and forgotten. Sometimes these little things aren't even perceived as things that aren't for guys at first glance or even something that we even think about when it comes to shopping for men. We want to change that perception and introduce style and product lines that are made and based for the man at hand.