Apples 2 Applez





Falls here. Time for apples. All hail the cider.



Standard, the recipe calls for Milagro Reposado for its big floral flavors. What's called a "highlands" tequila, the sneaky alcohol spices come as a result of not aging the spirit. It's really good in general and works well in cutting through bubbly, sort of sweet Nine Pin. As always, there's room for interpretation. 

Nine Pin.

We made this one with new flavor "Fruit of The Forest"...because it's really good. But any of their flavors are applicable (excluding stuff on the tasting room menu). The nice thing is that as varied as the flavors go they tie back to a similar palate of crisp, slightly sweet, and sour enough. The FOTF in this case feels like a sour blueberry intertwined with apples, it's almost like a beer-ish rosé which goes phenomenally well with all other ingredients listed here. These are never set in stone, but always taste the beer before gauging the rest of the recipe.

Lime Juice.

You know, tequila. 

Angostura Bitters.

The classic dash. They serve here to bridge the gap between the spirit and beer making up this complex flavor pairing. Hints of grapefruit, specifically, round out the fruit of the scent while smoothing the initial sip. 

Mint leaves // Lime.

Garnish in, on, or both. The bar is your oyster.

And serve...

Right into a Collins glass. Ice, lime juice, tequila, cider, bitters, mint (if necessary). Stir and garnish with lime. 

  • 2 parts tequila

  • 1.5 parts cider

  • 0.5 parts lime juice 

  • 2 dashes bitters

  • garnishes as necessary

Always drink responsibly.