Easy Pouring



August has arrived with its staple long, hot days. Rum is a compliment and that’s what we’re giving you. Here’s a spice tart combination just bordering on the realm of craziness. We like it here.



The How:


Rum. Recipe calls for general spice. Sailor Jerry is best for its light texture but intense flavor. Captain Morgan is a worthy substitute as is Gosling’s. The thinking is in undertones as the rum spice here isn’t hot, per se, and cuts actual warmth giving ingredients. It’s a base, but performs on several layers of flavor in the drink.


Hot sauce. The crazy part. Use sparingly, obviously. Sriracha, pun intended, is a very hot topic at current. I would strive away from using this on two fronts, it’s a thick texture and the heat is too much for a liquid mixture. The difference between presence and being punched in the face. A thinner make will do just fine, think Frank’s Red Hot or Cholula.


Lime. Necessary acid to compliment the spice and hot, making the beverage sweet and refreshing in its own right. Will be mixed in with the drink and should be accompanying on the rim as well.


Lager beer. As the microbrew market continues to explode there are a myriad options here. You’re going to want something with a smoothing flavor to counteract the intensity of the drink. Also on the lighter texture side. There are a myriad of reputable options, but our top recommendations come from Jack’s Abby Brewing. The Hoponius Union and Jabby Brau are both easy sipping, slightly sweet brews that compliment the rest of the beverage well.


Avec Ice, that’s all you need.



Taste is temperamental with this one so we’re getting parts instead of exact measurements. Still good to mix in the mason shaker.


1 part rum of choice

1-3 spits of hot sauce

squeeze fresh lime juice/1/4 fresh lime

pilsner or lager


To Mix: Shake up rum, hot sauce, and lime/lime juice in the shaker, strain over ice, and top with the brew.

Always drink responsibly.