Teruvian Horses

Easy Pouring

Teruvian Horses


Playing to the crowd here. July was the hottest month we’ve seen, like the earth, in a long time. August hasn’t slowed the trend, so, sticking in South America we’ve got Peru’s favorite spirit on the docket this week. A complex grape brandy into a punching sour sip. Looks real pretty, even easier to make at home.


The How:

Pisco. The yellow-colorless brandy is produced in winemaking regions of Peru and Chile. It was originally developed in the 16th century by Spanish settlers. The silky texture has notes of grape and apple. A standard 750ml can be found between $35-$40.

Egg White. Standard. For texture and cutting into intense notes from other parts of the drink.

Lime Juice. Make it extra tart if possible, it’s a subtle but important flavor that can’t be drowned out by the base spirit.

Simple Syrup. Again self explanatory, helps with texture and finishes of the contrast between taste-full liquids and the thicker egg texture.

Lime. Garnish on glass.

Angostura Bitters. Garnish on foam.

Shake, not serve, with ice...

Standard serving size is 6oz. Enough for two out of our mason shaker.

  • 2-3 parts pisco

  • 1 part egg white

  • 1 part lime juice

  • .5 part simple syrup

  • Quarter slice lime

  • Drops bitters

To Mix: Shake all ingredients with ice (save lime and bitters) and strain into a small glass. Garnish with lime on the rim and bitters on foam.

Always drink responsibly.