Collar the Caipirnha

Easy Pouring

Collar the Caipirnha


Taking a leaf out of Brazil’s most popular drink. Typically made with Cachaça distilled from sugar cane, we’re going to substitute white rum. It’s a sweet, tart drink with a lot of room to wiggle.



The How:


Rum. Stay away from spice. Albany Distilling Co.’s Quackenbush will do well. Standard Tito’s or American Harvest are good also.  A little sweet on the bite, but not much else save the smooth vodka flavor, anything else will muck up the mixture.


White Sugar. Sweet recipe. Self explanatory here. Portions and options covered below.


Lime. Necessary for the tart base of the drink. It works two fold on adding flavor and diluting the sweet punch into a smooth combination.


Avec Ice, that’s all you need. Unless...


Further Fruit Options.


Tart Stuff. Blackberries are great for the overall flavor in addition to lime, they also turn the drink an enticing dark pink/purple color. Blueberries as well. Both of these are recommended with the recipe above, together or separate.



Standard serving size is 6oz. Enough for two out of our mason shaker.


  • 1 shot rum of choice

  • 1 teaspoon white sugar (tart drink, feel free to tack on more if necessary for your palate)

  • ½ lime cut into 3-4 wedges

  • option(s) on fruit, blackberries (6-8), Blueberries (8-10)


To Mix (assumed with fruit): Mash fruit with sugar and all but one lime  wedge. Add rum and ice, shake well. Lose the wedges and pour over a rocks glass, use uncrushed lime wedge as glass garnish.

Always drink responsibly.