Troy Stinger

Easy Pouring

Troy Stinger


Short, sweet, to the point. Our take on the classic vodka stinger, insert whiskey back.  The right mix of sweet and smoke. You’ll really be chatting up the party with this one.




The How:


Vodka. Albany Distilling Co. is, as always, recommended. Tito’s is a fine choice for this recipe as well for its even keeled taste and present yet understated bite.

Crème de Menthe. The sweet, alcoholic mixer derives its flavor from Corsican mint or dried peppermint. When mixed with a tempered vodka it makes for a full bodied, textured sip. The dark green will fuse with the vodka for a unique color base.


Mint Leaves. Standard. Something to chew on, and a nice cut in to the heavily alcohol based drink.


Whiskey. Self explanatory. The shot after the drink to rid the mouth of a sweet, maybe sticky aftertaste. Think ginger after wasabi, priming palate’s for the next round. Brand wise, spring how you will. Jameson is always welcome, but probably lacks ideal smokiness. Tullamore is welcome and a medium grade scotch will also do the trick.


Orange peel. For the whiskey, skin only. Dip in or coat the rim, makes no difference. We find the acid to be tasteless in the whiskey but it serves to balance out two extremes of flavors into equilibrium when taking another drink.


Avec Ice, that’s all you need.



A standard serving weighs in at 6oz.


1 ½ shot vodka of choice

½ cup creme de menthe

1 mint leaf

1 shot whiskey of choice

orange peel





Always drink responsibly.