Easy Pouring


More from Albany Distilling this week. A sweet and sour pink lemonade, perfect for the muggy August cookouts ahead. It sips smooth with a bit of a bite, goes well with a dog or while petting one.





The How:


Vodka. We recommend, obviously, Albany Distilling Co. vodka. State sourced like the rest of them it’s got a smooth sip with a comfortably boozy aftertaste. The real deal, frankly, and goes dangerously well with the lemonade sweet.


Frozen OJ. The fun part. Try to soften it up a little bit but don’t let too much water permeate. Don’t want to cut the flavor of the final drink. The ice gives substance to the texture while acid from the juice cuts into the vodka and mixes, again, well with a sharp contrast of pink the pink lemonade.


Pink Lemonade. Self explanatory. The sweet when combined with the vodka and water/flavor content of the OJ creates a perfect mix of flavor to sit beneath the vodka kick.


Maraschino cherries. Standard. Something to chew on, and a nice mix into the complex flavoring at hand.


Ginger Ale. A final sharp layer to finish the sandwich beneath the vodka. The layering taste here cuts into the over sweetness of the cherries and allows the booze and fruit liquids to mesh together for a smooth finish.



Avec Ice, that’s all you need.




A standard serving weighs in at 6oz , enough for two out of our mason shaker.


      1 ½ shot ADCo. Vodka

      ½ cup frozen orange juice

      1 cup pink lemonade

      1-2 maraschino cherries

      spit ginger ale


Always drink responsibly.