Hey Albany

Easy Pouring

Hey Albany

In recognition of our new partnership with Albany Distilling we’ve decided to put a Capital Region spin on a classic New York drink. The origin of the Manhattan, from Broadway to England, is a long debated one. We’re inclined to bias toward the Empire State, but, as long as it’s pouring easy there’s no need to bicker, right?



The How:


Rye Whiskey. We recommend, haughtily, Albany Distilling Co. Ironweed Rye Whiskey. A dry, spicy spirit, made with ingredients sourced only from New York state. The rye is mashed, fermented, distilled, and aged in new charred American Oak barrels. Buying local can sometimes be a stretch, but not here, this stuff is the real deal.


Angostura Bitters. A time honored recipe is hard to argue with. These have been a staple of the Manhattan for quite some time. Legend tells it that only five people know the true bitters recipe, named for their town of invention. It’s a concentrated, acquired taste, that adds nice weight to the overall flavor of the cocktail.


Sweet Vermouth. The aromatized Italian wine gives a scent and boozy flavor break necessary to the complexion of the beverage. The sweetness on top of the herbs, bark, are a perfect contrast to the spicy whiskey and harsh bitters. These combine for the majority the flavor punch in a slow sipping cocktail.  


Lemon. Standard. Shave the skin and hang it over if you’re feeling fancy. If not, just slice it, coat the rim and let it sit.


Maraschino Cherries. An American delicacy, it’s only right. The sweet preservation of the fruit, done in a brine, cuts through the thickness of the beverage’s taste. The cherries, on their own, are an overpowering taste. By putting them into the drink they are simultaneously diluted by the intensity of flavor while balancing the opposite into a smooth finish.


Avec Ice, that’s all you need.



A standard serving weighs in at 6oz , enough for two out of our mason shaker.


1 ½ standard shot Albany Ironweed Rye

1-2 drops bitters

¾ cup sweet vermouth

1 skin/slice lemon

2 maraschino cherries


Always drink responsibly.