Midnight and Salty

 Easy Pouring

It’s a muggy Friday in June. All I can think about are boat rides and swigs from the bottle. You know, like a pirate. Let’s talk about rum, matey! Here’s a sweet/salty variation of a traditional dark mojito that’ll keep the deckhands wrecking ships and dance floors ‘till the sun comes up.


Midnight and Salty

The Drink:

Although billed as a summer drink the mojito (and rum as a class) is misrepresented in that it’s viable to mix year round. Mojitos are so enjoyable because both light and dark rums carry little weight in the mouth. You’ll know you’ve gone too far if it coats your cheeks. That’s why they allow for the stringent flavor of mint leaves, layer creation. Dark rum tends to pack more of a punch, presenting potential flavor issues on sweet/mint getting overpowered. Salt is key in order to offset the boozy lingers of dark rum along the back of the mouth before the mint enters to cool everything down.

The How:

Rum. As always we try and tailor to median price points with focus on quality. Bacardi Dark Gold is above average on content and flavor, Captain Morgan works surprisingly well, Sailor Jerry is fiery but fine (points for the seafaring theme), and if you’re feeling real frisky go for The Kraken. Any of these (or others in similar price ranges with medium spice) are going to highlight the pop of the leaves, sweet of the sugar, and fizz of the rest.

Lime. Integral. Juice in the mixture is key in permeating the initial punch of the rum with its acidity and tart. These can be drunk quickly, mind you, but it’s not college night. Leave a slice on the rim as well, a present for the lips.

Club Soda. A smidge of carbonation is key here in blending with the alcohol and juices to eliminate the possibility of stickiness. Normally soda mix and matches are fine but don’t do that here. Too much going on with potential to turn into sludge via sugary implements. Stick to the club for its over bubbly texture and flat flavor.

Mint Leaves. Duh. Mash those little guys up before putting them in. Need the flavor to escape once in liquid.

Brown Sugar Simple. I don’t recommend putting sugar directly into the mix. A recipe for syrup is below and is incredibly easy to make. The flavor is necessary to layer on top of the dark rum. Coating the rim of the drink works just as well.

Cornichons. The salt. In little slices they’ll do wonders alongside mint leaves but can also be steeped in your rum of choice beforehand. The mild tang provided adds a final, necessary layer to a sweet and booze-full drink. Sweat glands will thank whoever slugs these on a beach day.


Avec Ice. This is all you need.



A standard serving weighs in at 12oz , just like our mason shaker.

1 ½ standard shot choice spirit

1 ½ cup lime juice (+ slice on the rim)

¾ cup club soda

8 mint leaves

1 tsp brown sugar simple syrup (or coat rim)

1 cornichon (slice thin)

1 cup ice

If steeping cornichon beforehand: Slice three thin and put into 1.75L bottle for 30-45 minutes before making drink.

To make a simple syrup…

2 cups brown sugar

1 ½ cups water

½ tsp vanilla or equivalent maple flavoring

Medium sauce pan, bring sugar and water to boil and stir non-stop for three minutes. Reduce heat to low and continue stirring until all sugar has visibly dissolved. Add flavoring (stir in), cool and store. This will make two cups.


Always drink responsibly.