A Drink: Dog Days of Cranberry

Easy Pouring

A Drink: Dog Days of Cranberry


Enigma’s twist on a warm weather classic . Never heard of it? Get involved.



Romanticism tells you life is simpler in the summer. If that’s the case, shouldn’t your vodka be the same? This bubbly punch with hints of citrus and tart but sweet fruit will have the whole party dancing in the moonlight. Or sleeping on the couch, but...whatever. Fun is fun.


The How:


Vodka. We’re recommending Smirnoff plain this week. You don’t want to make any single drink too strong because the sugar content of anything cranberry is going to ruin the flavor. Case and point, you’ll need more vodka than you would if using different flavors. It’s a plain, reasonably priced base that allows easing into another drink.


Lime. Wedge on the glass. You know the deal.


Cranberry Juice. Best juice in the game. For real, we love Minute Maid just for their cranberry juice. It’s high in sugar but isn’t too sticky, no cause to worry about consistency if over mixed which is a real rarity. The flavor holds well generally but be careful on the portion, as alluded to above, this is why we’re using Smirnoff. So, mix well and enjoy the tart. If you want to go light use less juice and top it off with a couple drops of this.


Fizz. A punch of sparkling water or club soda gives that ever so necessary kick. No option here. Use it.


Avec Ice, that’s all you need.




A standard serving weighs in at 12oz , just like our mason shaker.


1 ½ standard shot Smirnoff

Slice lime

1 cup cranberry juice

¾ cup fizz



Always drink responsibly.