Peachy, you?

Easy Pouring

Back to our roots this week. Whiskey. Short and sweet with a little Southern flare. Let’s get to it.


Peachy, you?


The Drink:


There’s a thin line between peach flavoring and the physical fruit  when it comes to cocktails. Whiskey has a kick, so we find it best in this instance to stay away from sugar packed syrups. It can muck up the texture. Rosemary here, also,  adds a layer of tart that simultaneously balances out the fruit and complements the smokiness from the rye.


The How:


Whiskey. Let’s focus on something Char-Oaked. We made this with Redemption Rye for its robust smoke and ability to stand on the rocks with plenty of flavor or, as in this case, be mixed into something sweeter. Changing pace is always fine, Buffalo Trace is a fine replacement and if all else fails Tullamore Dew does the trick.


Caramelized Peach. As always simple syrup is an option but we recommend putting the peach into the drink itself. Recipe below.


Lemon Juice. Need the tart. This recipe is all over the place sweet and sour wise. The juice kind of brings it back to earth with the acidic flavor. Science is also at work and prevents the fruit from mingling with the flavor of the base spirit too much. Continuity in texture is key here because if the flavor layers of the drink get too friendly the taste flies off the hinges. Lemon juice will prevent that.


Rosemary. A garnish, comes in a sprig. Chewing on a leaf with a sip is very friendly. Simple syrup works as well but in this case we’ve opted to infuse the peaches beforehand. More below.


Fizz. A punch of sparkling water or club soda, as always, gives that final layer. Whiskey and lemon do fine on their own but we felt this needed some extra gusto.


Avec Ice, that’s all you need. Unless you want a little more...


Sea Salt. Helps with the lemon in stringency. Don’t be too generous.




A standard serving weighs in at 12oz , just like our mason shaker.


1 ½ standard shot choice spirit

¼ Caramelized peach*

1 tbsp lemon juice

Rosemary garnish

¾ cup fizz


Optional pinch sea salt


*Caramelizing the peaches:  Cut peaches into quarters and mix with sugar, cinnamon and rosemary in a bowl. Toss well to coat and heat over a skillet (pan is okay) on a medium-high setting. Add Brandy and cook until reduced. Finish with a dash of cream to keep moisture. These are fine to go in the drink once cooled but we recommend storing 24 hours in the fridge. Layer with light maple syrup drizzle before storage if you’re feeling frisky.


Always drink responsibly.