Pooh Bear’s Mad

Easy Pouring

Here at Enigma. Co, we like a bit of an edge. In light of that we take heed of the thin line between the perfect summer cocktail and a drink that keeps you on the couch until tomorrow evening. Honey vodka, mixed iced tea, lime and some friends will help you sip properly.



Pooh Bear’s Mad


The Drink:

Honey as a flavor often gets misrepresented because of its consistency, seen mostly as a topping for something sweet or an additive to a warm beverage. Once losing the stickiness a slow punch of flavor can morph a powerfully flavored spirit, vodka in this case, into a smooth sipping combination. Layered with Arnold Palmer, sweet and sour, this is a flat out win.


The How:


Vodka. Honey flavors are available off the shelf but we’d recommend mixing it yourself. Simple enough to do with any plain base. Tito’s is cheap for its quality and holds flavor well. A safe bet.


Honey. Simply add liquid honey into the vodka and stir. Portions vary, make sure your honey/vodka content sits around 20/80 regardless of vodka volume. When going this route make sure to refrigerate and serve within 48 hours (if not serving immediately). Plain honeycombs work as well, minimum steep time of four weeks.


Mix Ice Tea. Diet Palmer, straight up. Make your own or buy the diet, regular has too much sugar and overworks the subtle honey flavoring. The iced tea lemonade mix levels into the honey by nullifying an unpleasant first kick of vodka and throwing a raft for the former to latch onto. The lemon finish adds life to its tea counterpart and coats your cheeks with a properly sugared stringency.


Lime. Slices on the rim or in the glass. Makes no matter and servings can vary at your leisure. A nice sour compliment at the end of the sip after delicately balancing a dark base, sugar, and alcohol.


Mint. Same deal. A final layer of smoothness onto the contrasting sweet and sour the cools the mouth after a bout of complex flavors. This one really sings a song when done right.


Avec Ice. This is all you need.






A standard serving weighs in at 12oz , just like our mason shaker.


1 ½ standard shot choice spirit (honey premixed/steeped)

1 ¾ cup diet arnie or in house lemonade/plain tea mix

Slice(s) lime as necessary

4 mint leaves

1 cup ice (crush half)


*About the arnie: Buying in store is recommended because it’s already carbonated. The small addition of bubbles does wonders for the drink. If you’re making your own be well advised that a spit of sprite, ginger ale, or ever seltzer will add an extra pop.


Always drink responsibly.