Easy Pouring

There’s a near perfect weather forecast upon us this weekend, yet another reminder that outdoor festivities and welcome sunburns are fast approaching. Here’s a drink recipe to ease you into the season. We’ll be sharing one weekly all spring and summer. All easy to follow for the novice bartender and refreshing as the breeze.



The Drink:

Can be made in 2-7 parts depending on your flavor fancy or proximity to corner store. More on that after. At its base the drink is an ultra refreshing kick and, when made correctly, has just the right mix of sweet and tart. A friendlier cousin of the classic whiskey sour, the bourbon-ade has been known to convert many a strict vodka drinker to the dark side. It’s a staple of the Saratoga Summer.

The How:


Bourbon. The grandfather. Most mid market crafts work fine because the drink provides a pretty distinct flavor palate once mixed. We’d recommend classic Jim Beam where neither cinnamon nor vanilla notes will overpower you, Knob Creek is just as well and if you’re okay with cheating on the name a tad Tullamore Dew is also a worthy base.


Lemonade. It’s mind-blowing how summer tastes change once over 21. If you’re hosting a large party a minute made home mix works well, just take caution at the powder serving, too much sugar on a hot day is fun for no one. A personal favorite is the classic Meyer Lemonade, not too sugary, but very tart on its own to help the flavor along.


Avec Ice. This is technically all you need, but if you want something a little better…

Bubbles. The best things in life are accompanied by a swift kick, drinks are no exception. Anything in the Sprite/7-up family does well as a ‘top me off’. If you’re looking for a longer lasting carbonation Pellegrino or Saratoga Sparkling work wonderfully as well. Ginger beer, also, if you’re feeling frisky around dinner time.


Rosemary. You’ll see the above picture using the herb as a garnish. This works when coating the glass rim or nibbling on the leaf while drinking. All well and good, but if you prefer your beverage without plant, we’d recommend mixing it with drink before sifting out only liquid. The stringent flavor complements the drinks boozy aftertaste perfectly and creates a second layer of flavor with the carbonation.


Sugar n’ Stuff. Here at Enigma.Co, we don’t like diabetes much, and tend to shy away from over sugaring our pleasures. However; if you’ve had a few in the afternoon and find they’re coming out a little too strongly, a smidge of sugar or simple syrup will do the trick. A little extra tart with lime juice, crushed blackberries, or grilled lemons does wonders as well. 




A standard serving weighs in at 12oz , just like our mason shaker.


1 ½ standard shot choice spirit

1 ½ cup lemonade

1 cup ice


w/ extras


rosemary (1 ½ leaves per 12 oz or ‘the eyeball test’)

1 1/2 tbsp sprite  //  2 1/2 tbsp sparkling water or ginger beer

1 tsp sugar or equivalent

2 limes, grilled lemons (or liquid equivalents)

½ cup crushed berries



Always drink responsibly.