Ginger On The Border

Easy Pouring

Back with our second weekly installment of Easy Pouring, we’re feeling a little beachy. I know, I know, Troy is a reach as far as sand and the sea goes. You’ve gotta dream, right? Anyways, hazy oceanside days real or pretend call for something a little south of the border, you know...tequila. Keeping it in the local family, here’s a unique margarita inspired by our friends at Nine Pin Ciderworks.


Ginger On The Border

The Drink:

Less on the sour side than what you’ll typically find in a margarita. Nine Pin Ginger provides a unique take on the drink because of its bold, sharp flavor. It generates away from typically sour-sweet tequila flavorings into a bubbly kick with subtle sourness. The ginger, spicy and in your face when drank solo, is offset by a smoky tequila for a truly refreshing beverage.

The How:


Tequila. Clearly. We’d recommend something higher grade to heighten smokiness for the overall flavor of the drink. Any mezcal is preferable, although pricey, your palate will praise the decision. It’s a perfect compliment to the rest of the mixture. Cazadores is a close second with a smooth gulp down the throat that isn’t made sticky by over sugaring. Patron, obviously, is a noble choice and Jose Cuervo surprisingly holds up pretty well with the recipe.


Nine Pin Ginger. A loveable addition to the local brew scene, it won’t be long before these guys are nationwide. More on substitutes to this specific addition later on, but let’s assume for now we’re going with local flavor. As noted previously the Ginger has a bold flavor on the tongue that leaves you taking incremented sips. It’s slightly stringent, a real buzzword when it comes to a successful beer-spirit nuptial.



Sour Mix. Self explanatory. The implements here are not necessarily the cheapest, so feel free to save a few bucks with standard acceptable mixes. Be advised to read the label before purchase and try to get something with minimal sugar. Too much will offset the drinks consistency and flavor alike.


Lime. Yup.


Avec Ice. This is technically all you need, but if you want something a little better…


Simple Syrup. This is sort of a double edged sword that has the propensity to get a tad tricky. Under the assumption that you’ve picked a sour mix with minimal sweetness, this is a good thing to do. It’s not uncommon for margaritas generally to pack a big punch which is why you’ll see every bartender from New York to the Sun fully stocked with a wide array of liquid sugars to offset potent flavorings. We don’t recommend a total overload but your standard sugar/water mixture or something flavored can go a long way with just a little bit.


On The Rim. Standard salt is cool. If you wanna get fancy cinnamon is a wonderful flavor companion. You know, apples.


Beer Alternatives. If you’re not too hot on cider, not to worry, the recipe works just as well with either literal ginger or a ginger beer.


Literal Ginger: When taking this route you’ll need more prep time if an aversion to chewing part of your drink is present. Take the strips as is and let them sit in your spirit of choice for a half hour to forty five before mixing the drinks. If you’d prefer it a little quicker, cut it as fine as you want (they’re usually about fingers length so ⅔ strip per 12oz works all right) and garnish both above and below ice volume.

Recommended beers in this case would be an easy sipping pilsner akin to a Two Roads or a Browns.


Ginger Beer: A less cumbersome task. Just buy a case of Gosling’s and be done with it.



A standard serving weighs in at 12oz , just like our mason shaker.


1 ½ standard shot choice spirit

1 ½ cup Nine Pin Ginger (or alternative brew of choice)

1 tbsp sour mix of choice

1 slice lime

1 cup ice


w/ extras


1 tsp simple syrup of choice

1 rim around of salt/cinnamon/equivalent



-       3 strips per 12oz tequila if prepping beforehand (eyeball test)

-       ⅔ to 1 finely chopped strip if adding above/below ice layer of 12 oz drink (eyeball test)

-       1 cup pilsner choice




1 cup Gosling’s Stormy Ginger Beer



Always drink responsibly.