Showing Off & Being Flashy

This is a brand we brought in, which we knew was going to be one of the most eyeopening brands we brought in. Why?, because they are bright and loud, and sometimes even scandalous. This company, has devoted its designing to showing off the man, as well as providing them with color and some flair. Jocks and some uplifting underwear might not be for everyone, but there's guys out there who love them. Women will too whether they admin it or not! (Guilty pleasure but guys will never be told but its ok to wear sexy underwear, but it really is!) Not to mention, changing it up wearing something a little new, a little more daring might just add a little extra pep to your step!

If you know the brand, then enjoy! If your just browsing them for the first time, let us know what you think. Again I know they aren't for everyone but they are definitely worth a try!

Styles We Carry