The Gallery at Enigma.Co

When opening our new location, we did so with a few thoughts in mind. One of which is that we took everything to it's most simplest forms. We are all artist in our own way, with different tools, medias and ideas. The other aspect is how and where we live. We live creatively in a place, and found our home on a street that was founded by Artists. An aspect and idea we couldn't get out of our heads. 

But We are different

We Love art, and want to incorporate it into our everyday lives. Different than a normal gallery we take artist's work and bring it into a space that is ever changing, a showroom style retail space where art not only get's to speak to it's audience, but it also gets worked into various displays and settings. Stop in and gaze in all of the beauty of the works.

Looking to Show in The Gallery? 

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