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When you ask yourself what is The Enigma.Co, think first what is an Enigma. By definition, an enigma is someone or something that is difficult, puzzling, and/or hard to explain. Then let me ask you this: What more is a man? 

Our Story

There was quite the debate on how to tell the story of how The Enigma.Co came to be, and we couldn't figure out any better way, than that of how it all happened. Although it might not sound professional from the start, its real and its who we are and that all part of the enigma.

As we all know, many bad stories start with a beverage from somewhere south of the border or even to the west for that matter. Our particular story begins with some good friends and a little inspiration from the work of John Jameson. While enjoying the conversation and camaraderie that this lovely green bottle has given us many a time before, we started looking at life just a little deeper, looking at the trials and tribulation, as well as what success can come from hard work, perseverance, and most of all some faith in ones vision no matter what tries holding you back.

Photo credit: Jonathan Luke O'Brien Photography

At this point in the story we were all a few drinks in, and all that brotherly heckling was obviously in the works with both boasts of the ego and looks alike. Somewhere as the night went on we as men got talking, and we realized that here where we are (the Capital Region of upstate New York) men don't have the access to the as we will put it, "tools" to not only enhance ourselves but create a more confident man. Now in our regard we just so have been talking in terms of underwear, the boxer briefs of sort, one of the guys just so happened to be rocking some Hanes not that Hanes are bad in any way, they are just run of the mill underwear. It takes underwear and brings it from a tool to enhance yourself to just another article of clothing you put on your body. They don't boost you or support guys in all the right ways, and they definitely aren't as soft as any bamboo fiber blends that are out there. Hearing it now it probably sounds funny, but if you've tried it you know. In our market Men are somewhat limited to what we have around us only getting exposed to what the malls bring or the suit and tie men's stores you can find. Women have multiple outlets for various goods that are self-improving, whether it be emotionally or about their physical appearance. These tools that women have are there for their discretion to use as they wish, but where are they for men?

The night went on and constantly this kept crossing our minds, as men it just didn't seem right. One of the guys constantly brought up how novelty it was, how boxers or briefs are just that and nothing special, but knowing the difference we insisted its not the novelty its the exposure. For whatever reason it seemed so odd for men to take care of themselves, in fact doing so earned you a title of being "Metrosexual," but in today's society that term is almost gone. More and more men are taking care of themselves as best they can, creating a more confident, well-kept and sexy individual. 

The next morning was a little rough, as can be imagined. But that hazy blur of last night it all came back with the thought, "Wouldn't it be great if we had a place like that here?" 

Why Troy

After mustering up the courage to finally tell someone about the ideas that had been turning through my head. I found myself further inspired to push the ball and see how far it would roll. The Gentleman told me about a man, Mr. Headley who had told an abundance of people that he wouldn't see troy as blooming until he could walk downtown and buy a nice tie, and a pair of socks. Those words stuck, this place, the character of the historic buildings, and the sense of community it possessed, Enigma.Co had to be a part of it. That "New Brooklyn" feel encouraged the thought you can do this, and the overwhelming support from everyone we met drove me each day closer to calling Troy home.

We're Learning Too

We found ourselves straying from the comfort of things we've come to know, to collaborate on an idea that's constantly growing. Although our lives may not have always been in the realm of men's fashion, lifestyle, and skincare we are dedicated to learning and growing not only as individuals but also as a company and a brand. We encourage you to join us on this journey.  

  We were recently featured in the New York Times, along with a few other amazing fellow business owners here in the beautiful city of Troy, NY.


We were recently featured in the New York Times, along with a few other amazing fellow business owners here in the beautiful city of Troy, NY.